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Sept 15 - 16, 2017

About Affect

Affect's mission is to educate and inspire at the intersection of social change and systemic design, with an emphasis towards boosting underrepresented voices. We feature stories from people working towards change and showcase the wide spectrum of work, design, and culture that social change is built upon.

Team Affect

  • Elea Chang, Founder & organizer

    Elea is a user experience designer turned community organizer. In 2013, she moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Portland to pursue work in the social impact sector. Elea's worked for Upworthy and, been published in Model View Culture and The Pastry Box, and is currently board president for Stumptown Syndicate.

  • Alfie Padilla, Content Committee

    Alfie is transitioning from 4 years of social activist work into game development. They work with Pixel Arts to teach children about coding and designing games, particularly in underserved areas. Alfie is a proud person of color, actor, and stage performer.

  • Nadia Gathers, Content Committee

    Nadia Gathers is the Internal Communications Manager at Github and an intersectional design thinking facilitator hailing from the In their spare time, they are a mental health advocate, occasional stage-talker, and aspiring novelist. Nadia helps people talk to each other.

  • Advisory Council