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2018 Speakers

Annie Segarra

The Future is Accessible

From coming out in a Latinx household, learning to love her body within the context of Body Dysmorphia Disorder recovery, and losing abilities due to a degenerative disease called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Annie's life experiences have directly led to her advocating for equal rights, equal access, and intersectional activism. What does accessibility mean beyond our first thoughts of ramps, captions, and audio descriptions? Annie discusses her journey to launching the "The Future is Accessible" campaign and how you can get involved and take action.

Photo of Annie Segarra smiling at the camera while wearing a black shirt reading "The Future Is Accessible"

Annie Segarra is a queer, Latinx, disabled and chronically ill content creator and intersectional activist. She runs a YouTube channel called "Annie Elainey" where she produces predominantly first-person video content on a variety of topics; sharing her personal narrative and opinions as well as creative content such as music, poetry, and short films.

More speakers to be announced

May 14-18