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2018 Speakers

Annie Segarra

Keynote The Future is Accessible

Annie Segarra is a queer, Latinx, disabled and chronically ill content creator and intersectional activist. She runs a YouTube channel called "Annie Elainey" where she produces predominantly first-person video content on a variety of topics; sharing her personal narrative and opinions as well as creative content such as music, poetry, and short films.

Imani Gandy

Keynote I Am Not a Crack Baby: Reproductive Justice and the Politics of Resistance

Imani Gandy is a recovering attorney, Senior Legal Analyst at Rewire.News, founder of Angry Black Lady Chronicles, and a rabble-rouser for reproductive justice.

Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed

The Personal is Political #BeingBlackandMuslim

Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed recognizes the power of art and culture as means of cultivating communal awareness and connectivity. She is an interdisciplinary artist and multi-media producer. She carries more than a decade of civic engagement and interfaith service, creating innovative solutions to the economic and racial injustices facing communities around the United States.

Cameron Glover

By and for Us: How Marginalized Communities Are Redesigning Sex Ed Online

Cameron Glover is a freelance writer, budding sex educator, and Black girl finding her way in the world. Her work has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, INTO, Pacific Standard, and more. Follow her on Twitter.

Danielle Leong

Consensual Software: Prioritizing User Trust and Safety

Danielle Leong is the engineering manager for GitHub’s Community & Safety team who focuses on building consensual software and tools that help make online platforms safer, more welcoming, and inclusive. She is also the founder of Feerless, an app that provides trigger warnings for Netflix users with PTSD. She’s passionate about online privacy, inclusivity in tech, mental health awareness, and improving online good citizenship. In her spare time, she takes mediocre photos of her dog on Instagram, dresses up as a dinosaur, and eats lots of pizza–occasionally all at the same time.

Da’Shaun Harrison

Queering Mental Health: An Analysis on the Criminalization of Black People and Mental Health

Da’Shaun Harrison is an undergraduate student at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. He is an abolitionist and organizer who serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the newly-founded digital publication, Queer Black Millennial. His portfolio and other work can be found on his website,

Diane Murray

Activism Is Not Accessible: How To Include Disabled and Chronically Ill Folks in Your Movement

Diane Murray is creating resources for a better, more intersectional world in her Portland, OR home with the company of four cats, two partners, and a sweet baby nibling. Her primary project is Spoonie Living, a resources blog for disabled and chronically ill folks, but her other work can be found at You can also follow her on Twitter.

Erin Canty Ryan

Write Wrongs: Changing Minds With Great Stories

Erin Ryan is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. She’s worked with Upworthy, Hallmark, Man Repeller, the Mid-American Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and locally with Second Story and Curious Comedy Theatere’s "Sketch Machine."

Heldáy de la Cruz

We the Dreamers

Heldáy de la Cruz is an undocuqueer and Latinx Illustrator. His work is deeply rooted in his intersectionalities with a strong call for activism through the organization he co-leads, We the Dreamers. Heldáy has been featured in the Huffington Post, Milk X Magazine (Hong Kong), and the Define American Film Festival.

Lynn Cyrin

Patterns of Digital Gentrification

Lynn Cyrin is a software engineer and project manager. She started her tech career creating software for queer / trans community and culture.

Mallory Thomas

Is Wakanda Accessible? And Other Questions from the Intersection of Black Womanhood and Disability.

Mallory Thomas is an autistic and chronically ill advocate, activist and writer. You can find her blog at

Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza

Grassroots Organizing Strategies for Healing Our Black Trans, Nonbinary & Queer Bodies

Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza (they & she pronouns) is a Southern queer womanist writer and community organizer who conspires in the name of liberated Black futures, Queer & Trans Black/Indigenous/People of Color power, solidarity economics, and transformative justice/community accountability. Neesha is a co-owner of Carolyn Peruth Coaching & Consulting, a QTBIPOC-owned worker cooperative.