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2018 Schedule

Thurs, September 6

  • 9:30am Thurs

    Registration opens / caffeine available

  • 10:00am Thurs

    Welcome announcements

  • 10:30am Thurs

    Opening keynote

    Imani Gandy
  • 11:00am Thurs

    Mallory Thomas
  • 11:20am Thurs

    Short break / Attendee Spotlight signups open

  • 11:40am Thurs

    content warning: ableism, related discussion of classism
    Diane Murray
  • 12:00pm Thurs

    Lunch break

  • 1:30pm Thurs

    Attendee Spotlight

    We want to shine the spotlight on you, fellow attendees! If you'd like to share a 5-min story about your work or experiences in social change, you can sign up on the day of (via Twitter or onsite) and take the stage (first come, first serve).

  • 2:00pm Thurs

    Heldáy de la Cruz
  • 2:30pm Thurs

    Half-hour break

  • 3:00pm Thurs

    Cameron Glover
  • 3:20pm Thurs

    Da’Shaun Harrison
  • 3:40pm Thurs

    Short break

  • 4:00pm Thurs

    content warning: systemic and physical violence against Black LGBTQ+ people
    Neesha Powell-Twagirumukiza
  • 4:20pm Thurs

    End of day remarks

Fri, September 7

  • morning Fri

    Group volunteering (off-site)

    More project choices to come! In the meantime, this is our first option:

  • 1:00pm Fri

    Doors open / caffeine available

  • 1:30pm Fri

    Welcome back announcements

  • 1:40pm Fri

    [to be announced]

    Erin Canty Ryan
  • 2:00pm Fri

    content warning: discussion of historical violence and death
    Aïdah Aliyah Rasheed
  • 2:30pm Fri

    Half-hour break

  • 3:00pm Fri

    Danielle Leong
  • 3:30pm Fri

    Lynn Cyrin
  • 3:50pm Fri

    Short break

  • 4:00pm Fri

    content warning: discussions of body dysmorphia, discriminatory attitudes or actions
    Annie Segarra
  • 4:30pm Fri

    Closing & final wrap-up