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Paper bags pinned with a green button, yellow button, and red button

Color Communication Buttons

Inspired by the Austistic Self Advocacy Network’s Color Communication badges, we adapted the idea into 2.25" round buttons. The idea is to give folx the option to swap between the buttons throughout the day.

Want to print your own or customize messaging? Feel free to use our button templates as a starter guide!

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Fanned out stack of sticker sheets; each sheet features black stickers with ask, they, he, and she as pronoun options

Pronoun Stickers

Pronoun stickers can help boost the inclusivity of events. Download our free 4" x 3" sticker sheet template (each individual sticker is 1" x 1") and customize to your liking.

Alternatively, you can buy sheets from us. Sold out!

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Hand-lettering of "Truly Accessible Spaces: Designing WITH Disabled Organizers"

Accessible Spaces & Events

At 2018’s Allied Media Conference, we led a discussion on "Truly Accessible Spaces: Designing WITH Disabled Organizers." If you're wondering how to create accessible spaces or where to find disabled organizers to hire, check out the session page or skip to the slides.

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