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Speaking at Affect

Calling for speakers

Affect features stories and perspectives on the work, design, and culture of social change. You do not need to have previous experience speaking—we’re particularly interested in boosting multiply marginalized and underrepresented1 voices.

The topic should be 20 minutes long. You can submit multiple proposals, but each person is limited to one speaking slot throughout Affect (meaning: different speakers every year).

Affect 2018 will be held in Portland, OR, with ten spots reserved for submissions.

Need some inspiration?

A non-exhaustive list of things you could talk about:

  • Do you run a project focused on an underrepresented group?
  • Are there norms within social change work that you want to reexamine?
  • Have you worked on building collective awareness and group action?
  • Do you want to share the behind-the-scenes view of a program?
  • Can you expand people’s understanding of a social issue?

We also have transcripts of last year’s talks!

What you’ll get

Speakers receive reimbursement for travel (transportation to and from the conference plus up to three nights of hotel accommodation) and a $150 stipend.

If reimbursement is a hardship, we can assist with the booking process. Due to limited resources, we are only able to invite speakers residing within the United States at this time.

Selection guidelines

Proposals will be evaluated through five primary guidelines.

  • Social change2 relevance: what are the social issues addressed in the proposal and how current or prevalent are they?
  • Feasibility: can the story or topic be covered in approximately 20 minutes?
  • Lived experience: how does the speaker’s background and identity relate to what they want to present?
  • Narrative originality: what’s unique about this talk and/or speaker?
  • Affect: how might this resonate with the audience? What might be the impact? What could this talk be a catalyst for?

Proposal deadline: Mar 31

Submit a talk

Still have questions? Email us at

  1. Underrepresented/marginalized groups include but aren’t limited to: those affected by race inequality, gender inequality, age inequality, disability/chronic illness, mental illness, neurodiversity, economic inequality, poverty, and/or religious bigotry.
  2. When we say social change, we mean an action, service, or systemic change that would benefit a marginalized group.