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Affect Conf Registration

September 6 & 7, 2018

at the University of Oregon White Stag Block in Portland, OR

Is there financial aid?

Yes! August 17 was the deadline for requesting scholarships, but you can currently sign up to volunteer and receive free entry as thanks.

What food will be provided?

There’ll be donuts (including vegan & gluten-free varieties) on Thurday morning and an hour and a half break for lunch. Granola bars, fruit, tea, and coffee will be available both days.

Are there group discounts?

If you’re buying tickets for a group of four or more, you can use the code GROUPATTENDEE to get 25% off general registration.

Will there be tickets at the door?

Tickets are only sold online and the last day for registration is Tuesday, Sept 4.

What about refunds?

Tickets are refundable until Aug 1, 5pm and transferable through Sept 3, 5pm. If you need your ticket refunded or reassigned, please email us.